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Literacy & Heritage Camps

Over the past twelve months, the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation conducted 10 Literacy and Heritage Camps benefitting 150 Indigenous young people. The camps were conducted in Ballarat, Gippsland and Melbourne. The camps provided a fast track intensive literacy learning program for some of the most struggling students in the tutoring program. With the support of Koori leaders, we provided an interactive literacy learning program within a Koori experience. The two day camp aimed to engage and inspire the students in their literacy and numeracy learning pathways. The strength and success of these literacy camps is the concept of joint learning with their peer, parents and carers.


There are six camps each year at Ballarat University and other regional locations in Victoria. The camps offer fast tracked literacy and numeracy learning’s for significantly disadvantaged students.


The Literacy and Heritage Camps have provided a wonderful opportunity to make a real impact on hundreds of students. Evaluation of the students on completion of the camps highlighted some significant progress and improvements in literacy and numeracy skills moving them closer to national benchmarks.


“I thought I was the only one, but at the camps I enjoyed spending time with other Koori friends from other areas who also struggled to read and write. Now I know I’m not alone” Stuart, Ballarat.

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